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Kaitlin Cleary

Funny enough, I met Kaitlin through a blog post her and her business partner posted on their website featuring local female business owners. It’s apt that I’m now doing a blog post on her! We’ve been working together for the last couple months, and I’m excited to share with you some of Kaitlin’s journey to being an entrepreneur and some insights into her approach to fashion and personal style. We caught up with in her home in Fishtown, and then headed to her favorite coffee shop, Cake Life Bake Shop.



Tell us about the work that you do:

Together with my business partner, Lauren Moreno, I own Team 624 Communications, a boutique digital branding and social marketing agency. We help both creative business owners and large corporations better understand how to take advantage of everything social media has to offer in a way that aligns with their business goals. Our support ranges from managing a business’s day-to-day social media presence to strategic planning to content creation (graphics, photography, video, etc). We essentially fill the gaps for businesses that want to amp up their marketing efforts and make sure their digital presence accurately represents what their business stands for.

You were at QVC for a number of years before starting your business. What made you want to leave such a great company?

I absolutely loved QVC and the people I worked with. I really considered it the dream job that I’d always envisioned for myself. But something funny happens when you finally get your “dream job.” I started to really analyze what a future at QVC would look like, and I started to doubt that it would fulfill me long-term. On top of that, I was commuting about 75-90 minutes each way every day. I wanted to feel more connected to my neighborhood and my city and all of the creative people in it. My career now fits my personal definition of success much more closely than I think a career at QVC would have.

Why was working for yourself so important to you?

My dad was an entrepreneur, and he definitely always encouraged me to consider that path. I think his influence led me to believe I couldn’t LOVE what I was doing unless it was entirely my own vision. I also never really fit into any corporate culture and wanted to create my own.

Who are your mentors?

I’m really lucky to have both a mom and mother-in-law who fill me with completely opposite perspectives on life. My mom is an artist and interior designer who stayed at home with me when I was growing up. When I’d come home from school she’d always be knee-deep in some new project – painting, redecorating or drawing up blueprints for a dream house. She taught me how to be my own person, and how to break the rules. My mother-in-law, is just a total boss. She’s the CEO of a major healthcare system and is a champion for elevating women in the workplace. She counsels me on everything and pushes me out of my comfort zone when I need it most.

What do you do to take time for yourself outside of working?

My husband Mike, Chooch (our dog) and I go down to the beach almost every weekend in the summer and it’s our time to slow things down, spend all day in the sun reading, eat every meal on the grill and go to bed early. I have to say though, I’m always happy to come back to the city. I love spending the day strolling down Frankford Ave going in my favorite shops (always Vestige!) stopping for a cocktail once (or twice) along the way. I describe myself as an extroverted introvert, so I need to have a balance of totally disconnecting from people, but am always excited to be back in the hustle and bustle.

What is the biggest challenge in building your business?

Knowing whose advice to trust and act on. Luckily, there are so many resources for business owners and a we’re super fortunate to have a ton of people to turn to for guidance. The hard part is knowing who sees the same vision that you do, and trusting that their advice will get you there when you’re not sure where to invest time or money, how to approach a big business decision or what pieces of the big picture you’re missing.

Goals for the future?

As a business, we’d really like to create new revenue streams that are more passive so that we can scale a little more. We’d like to become even more embedded in the community of creative entrepreneurs in Philly and build a reputation as the go-to digital branding and social media marketing team for them. I also do some guest lecturing at Temple University in their Communication department and was recently approached about an adjunct professor position, so I’m really excited about that.

How would you describe your personal style? Where do you look for inspiration?

Lauren always jokes that my style is “elementary art school teacher chic” and I have to say, I think she kind of nailed it. For inspiration, I look at professional women in the creative fields. It can be easy when getting dressed for a meeting to put on something boring because somehow it feels safe and professional – so I like finding women who have the perfect balance of funky and interesting but still professional. Amy Voloshin is a perfect example!

Kaitlin is wearing the Alma Printed Jacket in Solid Deep Olive with the Rita Quilted Trouser in Solid Deep Olive, the Ella Dolman top in Solid Alabaster and the Alina Popover top in Chocolate Floral with the Rita Quilted Trouser in Soft Solid Black. 

Jeans by Mother Denim, slip-on loafers by Free People, sandals and woven straw bag from Madewell, jewelry from Vagabond. 

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