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This season's Non-Profit Partner : Kranti Project

Every season Voloshin chooses a non-profit working in areas that we feel passionate about and donates 2% of online sales as well as a dollar for dollar match to anything donated by our customers.  This season (through the end of 2018) we are focusing our giving on Kranti - an organization in India which empowers the daughters of sex workers in Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. Kranti means ‘revolution’ in Hindi.

The organization provides a healing home, healthcare and psychotherapy, formal and extracurricular education, leadership training and the skills to solve social problems. By providing support to girls whose mother’s are sex workers, they provide aid to stop the cycle of second-generation sex work.
I was amazed to learn about the story behind Kranti - and the work that this organization is doing. Most recently they did a theater tour in the UK - doing 40 performances in 60 days, across 15 cities.
The organization uses theater as a vehicle for the girls to turn their stories of challenging times and abuse - into a powerful performance and share their voices to educate others about the root of the problem.
How our donation can help marginalized girls:
$10 = 3 school books for one girl
$25 = Annual school exams for 1 girl
$50 = Nutritious meals for 1 girl for a month
$100 = School supplies for 1 girl for a year
$300 = Safe shelter for 5 girls for 1 month
$500 = Extra-curricular activities for 3 girls, for 1 year
$1,000 = Health care for 10 girls for 1 year
$2,500 = Private tutoring for 10 girls for 1 year
We look forward to supporting Kranti this quarter and to helping spread awareness about their incredible mission! 
(You will see an option in your cart to donate to this wonderful non-profit - and Voloshin will match each dollar donated in addition to donating 2% of online sales.)

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