Lauren Moreno

I met Lauren through her business Team 624 Communications. I was instantly impressed with her passion for small business and her great personal style. Her house is filled with so many fun mementos from her travels - I loved seeing the eclectic combination of her Mexican and Hungarian heritage blended together into her decor. She has this effortless style and stature - she has an edited taste, and knows what works for her. 



Describe the work that you do. I co-own Team 624 Communications with Kaitlin Cleary (also interviewed by Amy). We help businesses strategically promote their brands through social media, content marketing and branding. Building a business that allows me to work with other small businesses is something that I’m very passionate about. I lead the creative direction for most of the visual content that we produce for our clients, and manage all our design projects.  My favorite way to spend a workday is styling product for a photoshoot.

How did you get into this line of work? I was the Sales and Marketing Manager for Maximal Art, a fashion jewelry company, for eight years. I wore a lot of hats and I learned a lot about the unique challenges that small businesses face. I loved having the ability to really have an impact on the direction of the company at Maximal Art, but I always felt frustrated that the challenges felt like my own, despite it not being my business. It made me realize that I needed to have my own business, where the challenges along with the successes would be mine to own. 

How do you think small businesses can stand out among the bigger businesses out there? I think that small businesses can really win with the customer experience. Kaitlin and I are always talking about the little (and big!) things we can do to make our clients feel special. It’s a constant work in a progress, but something that we both feel very strongly about. Your customers or clients will always remember how you made them feel, whether that’s through the design of your website, how you communicate with them or how you show appreciation for their loyalty.

You worked with jewelry for a long time. Do you have any tips for accessorizing? I’m pretty minimal when it comes to accessories. I have a few favorite & sentimental pieces that are like my ‘jewelry uniform’. I do love styling jewelry though, and for me it’s all about the mix. I suggest combining different metals (gold and rose gold are a current favorite) to add more warmth and dimension. I also really love pairing natural materials– like wood– with more formal fabrics or looks.

What is a typical workday like? There really is no typical day for me. It could be anything from back to back meetings, to working at home, art directing a photoshoot, and very often a combination of all of these things.

How do you create structure for yourself amidst a schedule that can be chaotic? I do find it difficult to turn off work and focus on home life and frequently work until 7:30 or 8 (until my boyfriend Seth makes me stop to have dinner.) But I do try to start and end each day the same way. Every morning I wake up and go to a class at Freehouse Fitness (the rebounder classes are my favorite). Working out is such an important part of my life. It’s my stress reliever and my self care. Then at night, I read for about 20-30 minutes right before bed.

What else do you do to take time for yourself outside of working? Mostly just spending time with Seth and our dog, Duke. We like to spend time in our neighborhood, Pennsport, which I love, but it’s been a bit resistant to change. We’re finally getting some new fun places, like South Helm and Herman’s Coffee. We also like to spend weekends at the beach and travel whenever we can.

What guides your personal style? I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but found that my taste is a little too eclectic to actually pull one off. So a few years ago I started only wearing clothes in certain neutral colors: black, white, grey, navy, army green, tan and denim (or similar shades of blue). This allows me to feel like myself even when I want to incorporate different styles of clothing.

What are two things you need to feel polished? Mascara and high heels. The latter isn’t always practical, but practicality doesn’t really guide my fashion (or decor) decisions.

Lauren is wearing the Alma Printed Jacket in Soft Black with the Rita Quilted Trouser in Soft Black, the Lidia Gauze Shirt in Solid Alabaster and the Sabina Button Down in French Navy.

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