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Patriae Shopping Event

We took a trip over to Asbury Park to co-host a fun pop up event with Patriae. Her boutique is absolutely gorgeous and filled with unique treasures - I highly recommend making the trip to do a little shopping after getting in some beach time.
Barbara brings the tradition of Slovakian handwoven hemp and linen textiles to the emerging hip town of Asbury Park. Born in Slovakia, she relocated to the US with her family as a child and used her trips back to her homeland as a teenager to collect antiques as a way to ensure she had a strong connection to her heritage.
This collection was what eventually became the catalyst for her business as she ultimately focused on antique hemp and linen. Partiae /ˈpa‧trēī / means “homelands” and as the name suggests her collections are designed to continue her homelands tration of local production, handcrafted materials, and utilitarian design. 
Historic items such as grain sacks and sheets are repurposed into functional pieces like tote bags, pouches, garments all handmade in-house at the Patriae studio. I fell in love with how all the items in Barbara’s store are perfectly in their place.
Every piece complements the next, and all are crafted with care and elegance. The store has a wonderful, effortless, relaxed aesthetic. I’m swooning over her amazing linen body pillows and a bit obsessed with the gorgeous wooden jewelry boxes (I can never find one I like - this one is perfect and un-fussy!).
A few other fun things to check out if you are in Asbury Park are:
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