Voloshin Woman: Meet Kristi Reed

If you've ever checked out Kristi Reed's Instagram (@windypeakvintage) then you know all about the Montana mountains she calls a backyard. In addition to the amazing view, we're also inspired by her dedication to sustainable living and slow motherhood. Read a little bit more about this mountain mama-turned-entrepreneur in our interview below. Kristi in the Sabina Button Down What inspired you to begin Windy Peak Vintage? My husband and I have always loved thrifting and both of our closets are mostly comprised of things we find secondhand. We've been boycotting fast fashion for a long time now. When we moved to Montana I thought it would be fun to open a little shop and try to sell some of the great things we find....

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Introducing: Voloshin Jewelry

Since our first collection debuted in 2016, which featured patterned tops, quilted pants, and transitional jackets, we’ve always looked forward to growing the Voloshin line. With the addition of scarves, sweaters, and pajamas in the following years, we continued to expand our offerings, and in 2018, decided to take on one of our most exciting projects to date—jewelry. Inspired by the beauty and spiritual benefits of gemstones, we centered our jewelry collection around rose quartz and moonstone. Rose quartz derives its name from the Greek word hyalos, meaning glass, and comes in various beautiful shades of pink. In ancient Egypt, it was even valued as a talisman with the power to prevent aging. Spiritually, rose quartz is often called the...

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