Valentine's Day Cookies with My Kids

I’m not a big red and pink person, so this Valentine’s Day I wanted to try making something to match my favorite shade from our Spring 19 Collection—lavender. My kids are really interested in cooking and baking (especially using the stand mixer!), so they were ecstatic to help.

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Introducing: Voloshin Jewelry

Since our first collection debuted in 2016, which featured patterned tops, quilted pants, and transitional jackets, we’ve always looked forward to growing the Voloshin line. With the addition of scarves, sweaters, and pajamas in the following years, we continued to expand our offerings, and in 2018, decided to take on one of our most exciting projects to date—jewelry. Inspired by the beauty and spiritual benefits of gemstones, we centered our jewelry collection around rose quartz and moonstone. Rose quartz derives its name from the Greek word hyalos, meaning glass, and comes in various beautiful shades of pink. In ancient Egypt, it was even valued as a talisman with the power to prevent aging. Spiritually, rose quartz is often called the...

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Meet: Jewelry Designer Lindley Gray

I met Lindley through a mutual friend (Alicia from Lingua Nigra). Alicia and I were chatting at Capsule, a trade show in LA and she mentioned Lindley had just moved to Philadelphia. A few weeks later Lindley and I met up at one of our favorite local coffee shops, La Colombe and ended up chatting for the longest time. I was so fascinated with her specific point of view, her jewelry is gorgeous and everything goes together in just the right way. I loved getting to visit her beautiful home, and see her inspiring studio. Her sketches are lovely, and it was really fun to see how the work evolves. Read on to hear about her career in jewelry and...

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