The Making of Summer 19

She hops out of a tuk tuk taxi eager to see the Hawa Mahal, one of the most beautiful buildings in Jaipur. As she stares at the honeycomb surface of windows in total awe, she wonders about the royal ladies who were rumored to watch the parades below from those very windows.  Next, she’s off to City Palace to see the peacock gate she has heard so much about—its delicate details do not disappoint. She shops along the stands that line the streets in the markets and picks up swatches of antique block prints for her closest friend who loves to sew. A small, pink floral print catches her eye—perhaps she will get this as well and create something for herself! She’s always dreamed of having a flowy wrap dress, something to stroll the farmers markets back home in, and to remember her trip by…

Our Summer 19 Collection is heavily inspired by my travels to India, specifically the beautiful city of Jaipur where many of our pieces are created. Nicknamed “The Pink City” for the color of its trademark building, the Hawa Mahal, these salmon and coral-like shades became the basis for our featured summer solid, Jaipur Blush.

I also went with a blue dip dye technique for several of our styles that represents the beautiful and vast sky above the city. This year we visited Jaipur in March, which is their driest season, so the sky was especially bright and blue. The ombre color fade is achieved by physically dipping the white garments into vats of blue dye and slowly removing them to create a gradient.

For prints, I designed two very different floral patterns that each capture the feeling of summer in India. Our Goldenrod print features a bold yellow-golden pattern that gives off a 70’s vibe, while our Prairie Floral print is more delicate and understated—both of which could easily fit in with the intricate floral designs found on the trims and archways throughout Jaipur.

To complement the summery patterns and feminine shades, I created breezy silhouettes that allow the movement of air to keep you cool during those humid days and balmy nights. Available in a lightweight cotton voile, the Kamala Dress was heavily influenced by one of my favorite vintage dresses. I always wanted the fit to be slightly different, so for our Summer Collection I altered the shape and made it my perfect go-to!

The Taara Peasant Top, made in a soft cotton voile and available in Jaipur Blush and both prints like the Kamala, is a billowy ¾ sleeve top that pairs perfectly with your favorite pairs of jeans or denim cut-offs. I wanted to design an easy-to-wear summer staple that I could throw on any day during the summer with just about any type of bottoms. Considering I’ve hardly taken off the Taara since it came out, I think that’s been achieved!

One of my other favorite styles that was introduced with the Summer 19 Collection is the Deepa Beach Tunic. It’s made from 100% organic cotton gauze and features a relaxed fit, so it’s perfect for those hot days. Also, make sure to check out the intricate embroidery along the chest, sleeve and shoulder—it’s absolutely beautiful and as always, hand-stitched!

I truly love this entire collection and that’s easily apparent from how often I’ve worn these pieces over the last couple months. It was such a fun line to design, and I have a feeling I’ll be keeping these in heavy rotation long after summer ends.

- Amy Voloshin, Co-Founder and Creative Director

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