Voloshin’s Dedication to Sustainability

As we approach Earth Day, we begin to think about the different ways we can all treat our planet a little better. At Voloshin, we’re proud to have several practices in place that minimize our impact, and we continue to make moves toward increasing our sustainability even more.

Natural fabrics. We choose to work with natural fibers because they are a renewable resource that can be replenished over time. Natural fibers are also biodegradable, as opposed to synthetically-produced fibers that are difficult to dispose of and often require incineration.

Organic materials. To increase our focus on sustainability, we chose to use only organic materials created without the use of chemicals in our Spring 19 collection. Organic fabrics use less water, help soil maintain it’s fertility, and avoid pesticides that could negatively impact farmers, workers and the community in which it’s grown.

Low batch production. All of our collections are produced in low batches. This means there is no excess inventory that could later end up in landfills or incinerated. Smaller productions also means we can spend more on higher quality materials and more sustainable practices.

Eco-conscious partnerships. Our production partners in India create our garments by hand, so there is less material waste and pollution. Additionally, one of our facilities is solar powered—another move toward using renewable resources and avoiding fossil fuels.

Recyclable shipping materials. We also strive to make our shipping eco-friendly. We use recyclable paper envelopes, cardboard boxes, and tissue paper so that our customers are able to reduce their waste as well.

For us here at Voloshin, it’s important that our clothes feel as good ethically as they look aesthetically. By supporting slow fashion, you too are reducing the negative impact on our planet, and are aiding in our mission to create a more sustainable industry.

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