Voloshin Woman: Khrys Oros

I first met Khrys through Instagram after she purchased our Maria Dress and posted some beautiful photos wearing it at White Sands National Monument. When she attended our showroom launch and mentioned she was pregnant with her first child, I thought it would be fun to do a feature on her tips for maternity dressing, especially since much of our collection is wearable during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Read about her mama-to-be styling tips below.

Khry is wearing the Deepa Beach Tunic in White Coconut

What are you most looking forward to about being a new mom?
I am looking forward to starting new routines. My husband and I have our own little traditions, and I am curious and excited to see how our baby will make our day-to-day life evolve. I also feel my baby will motivate me to become the best version of myself because all of a sudden there will be this little sponge that will absorb everything around her. And I think the best ways that children learn are through emulating their parents, so I look forward to the challenge of being responsible for something so important in life.

What tips do you have for dressing while pregnant?
When it comes to dressing while pregnant, I try to find a balance between comfort and preserving a sense of feeling good by dressing well. Yoga pants feel fantastic, but I get an extra ‘oomph’ in my step when I look well put together. The trick is to find clothes that fit. Dresses have been my go-to, which is why I’m lucky to be due in September. My favorites are wrap dresses because not only do they expand with my stomach, they can also be “sized down” when I’m back to my usual weight. I also give preference to materials that will sit beautifully on my body and let my skin breathe. That’s why the Voloshin gauze dresses have been so terrific for me!

Khrys is wearing the Hisako Frayed Peasant Dress in Bright White and the Kamala Dress in Jaipur Blush

You've mentioned you like to be very mindful in your shopping. A lot of women struggle with overspending on maternity clothes that last a short period of time - what advice do you have for mindful and environmentally conscious maternity shopping?
I’ve definitely purchased a lot more clothes at a higher speed than ever before because all of a sudden I feel like I need a new closet. I gravitate towards pieces that I can most likely wear post-pregnancy as well, such as wrap dresses and blouses, stretchy clothes that will adjust with my weight, and flowy pieces that will look beautiful (like an oversized linen tunic) regardless if I have a belly or not. I have not purchased any jeans so I cannot speak to finding pants that will fit past September, but Lululemon's Align pants are stretchy and fantastic for the day-to-day. 

What's your go-to accessory?
The hot spring and summer days have made hats my number one accessory. It’s also a good time for them because the styles have recently become so much more approachable. I also get terrible headaches, so a hat has become a priority but also a piece that brings many of my outfits together.

On top of being a digital strategist, PR consultant, and creative director, you also work full time for a large company as a UX/UI Designer. What advice do you have for maternity dressing in a corporate atmosphere?
I’ve taken advantage of my work’s lax dress environment, for sure. I think being pregnant in the rise of athleisure has been my biggest gift from the universe. I think I might have purchased about 7 pairs of the Lululemon Align pants and thought at first it was a little strange to wear yoga pants to work, but the need to stay comfortable and cozy trumps all. Also, as you might know, corporate offices usually run colder so I always have a sweater or a wrap readily available.  On days when I have business meetings with stakeholders, I go more formal with several dresses I’ve come to love from Voloshin and Lotta clogs that have a wide base for better support.

Khrys is wearing the Hanima Smocked Back Dress in Sky Blue Dip Dye

You and Tom have an amazing connection, what do you love most about him?
He and I come from very similar backgrounds, so by the time we met, we already had a shared outlook on life. We learned to be patient, put family as a priority, to listen and be present.  He is incredibly supportive but is also pragmatic, which is super helpful to balance my “move fast and break things” nature. He’s also an incredibly hard worker, which motivates and grounds me to grow myself on a personal and professional level. 

Any fun travel plans before your due date?
We just came back from Manhattan, and it was exhausting. Climbing stairs was an adventure. Tom and I love to travel and we do so quite frequently, but I think my next favorite destination is my bed for naps that I am allowing myself to take and enjoy. The next big trip will be with the baby, going to Barcelona, Lisbon, and maybe Berlin.

You can learn more about Khrys and her work at her site,

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