Voloshin Woman: Meet Kristi Reed

If you've ever checked out Kristi Reed's Instagram (@windypeakvintage) then you know all about the Montana mountains she calls a backyard. In addition to the amazing view, we're also inspired by her dedication to sustainable living and slow motherhood. Read a little bit more about this mountain mama-turned-entrepreneur in our interview below.

Kristi in the Sabina Button Down

What inspired you to begin Windy Peak Vintage? My husband and I have always loved thrifting and both of our closets are mostly comprised of things we find secondhand. We've been boycotting fast fashion for a long time now. When we moved to Montana I thought it would be fun to open a little shop and try to sell some of the great things we find. It started as a side hustle and slowly grew into my full-time job. 

Mountain living looks absolutely beautiful, but also difficult at times. What are some of the most rewarding and some of the most challenging things about where you live? The most challenging part of living where we do is the harsh and long winter, especially with energetic kids. The most rewarding part of living there is what comes after winter. Spring is such a treat and is absolutely beautiful. Everyone wakes from their winter funk and it feels so good.

Did you grow up in the mountains? If not, what prompted you to move there? I grew up in a very suburban part of Southeastern Idaho. I moved to Portland, Oregon for college and then lived for a few months in Philadelphia. After years of traveling and city living, we moved to Montana to slow down and settle a bit. The town we live by is small but still has a lot to offer. It is a loving and creative community. We have a few acres, 20 chickens, a bunny, a cat and dog. We love it.


Kristi in the Sabina Button Down

What’s a typical day like for you? I work at my shop a few days a week. I take Paloma (our 15 month old) with me. When I'm not there I am busy being a mother. Now that spring is coming we have been busy cleaning up the yard and planting seeds for our garden. I usually try to chisel out some time to work while I am home but it's hard to come by these days.

How would you define your style, and what’s important to you when deciding which brands to support? I would define my style as practical, minimalist, a little western, a little bohemian with a nod to the late 1960s / early 1970s. I support brands that use ethical and sustainable practices, natural fibers and are transparent in their work.

Has being a mother changed your style? Comfort has definitely become a must since I've become a mother. I need to be able to move and keep up with my kiddos. I need to be able to get dirty without worrying about what I'm wearing.

You’re training to become a doula--can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to begin this process and your journey so far? Before I opened my vintage shop I wanted to be a nurse. I always dreamed of working with pregnant women and in the labor and delivery department. My life went in a bit of a different direction and I ended up opening my shop and having my own babies. I had really magical births. I really think I can channel some of that energy into other women's births and being a doula will be a great way to do that in my community while still being able to do everything else I'm doing. I am currently working towards getting my DONA doula certification. There is quite a bit to it so I am hoping to finish up at the start of next year. I will be attending my first birth in September!

Any tips for someone interested in making the shift to a slower, more sustainable life? We took a few risks, were opportunistic and got lucky along the way. Don't be scared to make the move. And if you're only looking to make small changes then try growing a garden (or tending to some house plants), air dry your laundry, use reusable bags at the grocery store, ride your bike to work. I promise it will make you happy.


Kristi in the Louisa Wrap Dress

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