Voloshin Woman: Peyton Flynn

I met Peyton at a pop-up event at Joan Shepp and was so taken with her ceramic work. Her neutral palette with a little pop of fun really resonated with me, and I loved the silhouettes of her ceramics—especially her plate bowls, which are especially great for grain bowls or salads (two of my favorite meals!). Read on to hear about how Peyton started her business, balances work life with her yoga practice, and hear more about her super cool and unique personal style. -Amy Voloshin

Peyton wears the Willow Silk Peasant Dress in Midnight Prairie

Can you tell us about your line of ceramics?
My line has a lot of diversity because I love to experiment! I’m working on refining things into more of a curated line but I always want to play with different color and texture using new types of glazes and clays etc., so things are sort of ever-evolving in my studio.

You mentioned you studied business and marketing, how did you get started with ceramics?
I started with ceramics my freshman year of high school and took ceramics courses until I was a senior. I was fortunate to have an amazing teacher in high school who really inspired me and gave her students unique opportunities.

I remember we did a few Raku firings out in the courtyard right in the middle of the school. Raku can be done a lot of ways, but we basically made a big fire in a metal trash can on school grounds…I don’t think many high school kids have the chance to see that! I am always grateful for her (shout out Mrs. Baker!!)

After high school I was a little intimidated by the idea of going to college for ceramics/art, so after a lot of switching majors I decided to get a business degree. I always knew I would make my way back to ceramics but never really considered turning it into a business until last March when I moved into my own studio space!

What’s your design process like? How do you develop your ideas into a final product?
My work is pretty free-flowing, I tend to work in waves...but unless I’m making a specific collection that requires a lot of duplicate pieces, most of my work is one of a kind. I like to let ideas evolve, so generally I try to take designs or ideas I love from the past and see what I can add or alter to keep things fresh. Clay is always surprising, so you have to keep playing!

Peyton wears the Aurora Weekend Dress in Black

Where do you look for inspiration?
Nature for color palettes and texture, architecture and sometimes fashion for shapes. Inspiration is everywhere and sometimes comes up at unexpected times or even unconsciously. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head or are a method of problem solving. Some of my favorite pieces happened because something broke or cracked so I cut it up and reattached parts in some new me the process of creating ceramics is really intriguing in general because the possibilities are so vast.

What’s a typical day like for you?
It’s easy for me to spend all day in my studio! I live with my work so I am almost always working on something involving clay. Unless I have to go to work or leave the house for errands or whatever else I need to do haha.

What’s the most challenging part of running your own business? What’s one thing you wish you would have known sooner about running a business?
A lot of things! I still feel like I have no clue what I’m doing at times, but I have been learning a lot as I go. One thing I’m learning is that using my time to do the things I’m good at is much more beneficial than struggling to figure something out, so I’m trying to ask for help when I need it! Getting comfortable pricing things and discussing money is also tricky but getting easier, sort of? I wish I would have known sooner that I don’t have to say yes to everything!

How do you continue to develop your skills over time?
Some of the larger orders I’ve gotten have helped me refine my skills a lot. Repetition will definitely do it! I have taken a lot of classes in and out of school, so I got to a point where I felt like I simply needed my own space to apply the skills I’d learned over the years. But I still love to take classes when I can!

What is your definition of success?
Putting work into the world that will be used often and cherished. Also, being able to support myself solely through my craft and teaching, being able to travel regularly, and enjoying good company and health.

Peyton wears the Luna Corduroy Weekend Dress in Camel

Do you have a favorite article of clothing or accessory?
I got a really cute mesh bag with clouds on it from Geisha House the other week!  It’s probably my favorite bag right now, plus it has little clouds all over it so I feel on brand haha.

What is your favorite way to unwind and practice self care?
Yoga is my go-to for unwinding and getting my mind back on track if I’m stressed or overwhelmed. I’ve been playing tennis with my friends a lot too, which is a lot of fun and surprisingly therapeutic! I recently started going to acupuncture a bit as well which has been really amazing for helping ease more specific ailments.

You also teach yoga, how long have you been practicing and what benefits do you receive from practicing?
I started practicing in college and kept with the practice primarily because of the mental shifts I began to notice. I would leave class feeling physically and emotionally lighter and got pretty addicted to that sensation. Once I graduated from Temple, I decided to get my teaching certification to deepen my practice. I find a lot of parallels with yoga and clay because they both require patience, mindfulness, and constant practice.

What are your favorite spots for shopping and eating in Philly?
I love nice grocery stores so that sort of answers both! Some of my favorite local shops are Downerss for cute clothes and accessories, Field or Stump for fun plants, Moon + Arrow for home goods and apothecary goodies, and Riverwards for the best local groceries and flowers! You can also find my pieces at most of those places :)

Where can we purchase your items?
On my website! My work can also be found in some brick and mortar stores around the city, which you can find here.


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