The Journal is a collection of interviews with passionate & multifaceted women who embody the Voloshin lifestyle


Introducing: Voloshin Jewelry

Since our first collection debuted in 2016, which featured patterned tops, quilted pants, and transitional jackets, we’ve always looked forward to growing the Voloshin line. With the addition of scarves, sweaters, and pajamas in the following years, we continued to expand our offerings, and in 2018, decided to take on one of our most exciting projects to date—jewelry. Inspired by the beauty and spiritual benefits of gemstones, we centered our jewelry collection around rose quartz and moonstone. Rose quartz derives its name from the Greek word hyalos, meaning glass, and comes in various beautiful shades of pink. In ancient Egypt, it was even valued as a talisman with the power to prevent aging. Spiritually, rose quartz is often called the...

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Voloshin Woman: Meet Anne Pomp

I first met Anne when she and John were gardening on the block we both shared in Olde Kensington. I was so taken with her warmth and their love of design. Their contemporary furniture and lighting collection, John Pomp is so elevated and refined - yet has a cool, understated look that I find so appealing. I deeply admire their commitment to traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing in the inner city. It was such a pleasure to visit their workshop and see their latest design projects.

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My Thanksgiving Plans for 2018

  Akita Top Umber I’m looking forward to some time on my family’s farm and I’m planning ahead to ensure that it’s as relaxing as possible. We don’t have a long drive (just about an hour) but there’s a lot to prep and pack as a family of 4. I’ve stopped eating meat, but the rest of the family eats turkey, so I’ve been researching some things I could make or prep ahead to not use too much kitchen time. My mother is an excellent cook - and I don’t want to get in her way! Here are a few of the vegetarian and pescaterian recipes and ideas that I’m most interested in trying this year for Thanksgiving that I...

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Easy Styling for Thanksgiving

Whether you travel for Thanksgiving or host at home one fact always rings true - you are only ever left with about five minutes to get ready after you’ve tended to everyone else. When designing the fall collection I wanted to be conscious of the challenge we have as mothers to easily dress for any of life’s occasions.

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