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The Journal is a collection of interviews with passionate & multifaceted women who embody the Voloshin lifestyle


Spring Collection Shopping Event

This past week we welcomed local customers and friends of Voloshin into our studio to celebrate the launch of our very first Spring collection. We have been so excited to share our creative space with friends and family of Voloshin and plus - we love a good party!

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Einav Keet

I first became aware of Einav’s work when I had my first child. I loved her clothing line Sweet Luka Mo, it’s an unexpected look for children’s wear - lots of black, grey, dusty hues - all my favorite colors. I love the cool, city-vibe to her designs, and that they are U.S. made. The other genius thing to her collection is the fact that you can re-use the clothing from boy to girl - the gender neutrality of the designs allowed for me to buy a great quality product - and had the eco-benefit of reuse for my daughter. It’s no surprise that now that Einav has taken a break from her fashion line, that she has chosen to write about...

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Kelli Waldron

Kelli and I first met when she had applied for a job at our textile studio. Her amazing, vivid personal style totally caught my attention. She has a love of all things quirky, cute, and kitsch - somehow contrasted with restraint and simplicity. I loved seeing how she mixed the Spring collection with camo and bright pops of color. Read more to hear about her career path, and tips for signature style!

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Block Printing in India

I visited India last month, and had the unique opportunity to see the process up close at both the Anokhi Museum in Jaipur and at one of our small factories in Delhi. It was an amazing experience, and I wanted to share a bit about how this beautiful handicraft works.

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Alana Oates

Alana has amazing personal style - she always has the best mix of colors, textures, and vintage mixed with new in her whimsical wardrobe.  I was so excited to learn more about her journey through entrepreneurship and how she curates her unique style

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