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Sage Smudge Kit
Sage Smudge Kit
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Sage Smudge Kit Sage Smudge Kit

Sage Smudge Kit

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The Benefits of Smudging

Smudging is a simple but powerful ritual that has been used by indigenous people across the world to clear and purify the energy in the environment around them or even their own. The act of burning sage and other herbs release ions that purify the space. Crystals are also used to help promote spiritual development and undo the effects of negative emotions on one's mind and body. When held or placed near the body, they are a simple method of promoting balance in one's own energy system.

Our Smudge Kits will supply you with everything you would need to start the purification in your own home.   

  • Sage Bundle
  • Palo Santo
  • Selenite Crystal
  • Abalone Shell Dish

How to Clear Your Energy with Smudging

1.) Light one end of the herb bundle or palo santo stick with a fire source. Once lit make sure to gently blow out the flame while keeping the end burning similar to lighting incense

2.) Fan the medicinal smoke in four directions to honor the four indigenous elements; water, earth, air and fire.

3.) Set down the still-hot smudge in the provided abalone shell and allow the smoke to permeate throughout the entire space to clear away any remaining negative energies

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