Spring 2019

"She packs up her bags and heads to Corfu - the need to escape the confines of her everyday pulls her towards a quest for the unusual. She folds her airiest stripes in ocean appropriate tones, adding them to the suitcase that puffs with breezy cottons. She throws on a straw hat and grasps her market bag, stepping out in search of romance and adventure.
Days are spent walking along the rocky coast. She is surprised by toads and tortoises who amble underfoot and the butterflies that whisper through the air around her. Strolling through the olive groves, she finds inspiration in the linear shadows. She stops to paint their wobbly stripes in the pages of her sketchbook.
New friends invite her for dinner; they picnic together at a table set up in the shallows, the water lapping at their heels. They sip white wine made in town and relish the bright taste of octopus caught that morning. At this moment, she wishes she could stay here forever."

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