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Our Mission

Clothes that feel as good ethically as they look aesthetically. 


At Voloshin, we’re proud to have several practices in place that minimize our environmental impact, and we continue to make moves toward increasing our sustainability even more. Here are a few of the ways we uphold our core principles of integrity, respectful design practices and care:

Natural fabrics. We choose to work with natural fibers because they are a renewable resource that can be replenished over time. Natural fibers are also biodegradable, as opposed to synthetically-produced fibers that are difficult to dispose of and often require incineration.

Organic materials. To increase our focus on sustainability, we chose to use only organic materials created without the use of chemicals in our latest collections. Organic fabrics use less water, help soil maintain its fertility, and avoid pesticides that could negatively impact farmers, workers and the community in which it’s grown.

Low batch production. All of our collections are produced in low batches. This means there is no excess inventory that could later end up in landfills or incinerated. Smaller productions also means we can spend more on higher quality materials and more sustainable practices.

To read more about how we're reducing the negative impact on our planet and creating a more sustainable industry, visit our blog.

Female Empowerment:

As a woman-owned business, female empowerment is a big part of our core values. Our internal team is predominantly female and we work with factories in India that employ women in their facilities.

Each quarter, we’re also proud to donate 2% of sales to a non-profit that mirrors Voloshin’s ethics and Amy’s focus on female empowerment. Past partners have provided services like therapy and breast cancer screenings to women in India, while our current organization, Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS), focuses on job training in tailoring, embroidery, and fashion design. You can read more about their work on our blog.


We actively work to create clothes that bring style and comfort to people of all sizes, ages and races. In 2019, we introduced XL to many of our styles and plan to continue increasing our offered range of sizes.

Many of our styles are also ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. As a mom herself, Amy knows the importance of clothes that can transition with you as your body changes throughout and after pregnancy. With that in mind, Voloshin clothes are stylish without being suffocating—billowy tops, wrap dresses, adjustable straps and stretchy waistbands.

We also seek to work with models, brand ambassadors and female makers of all types. Our partnerships have included women of varying ages, races and sizes and we're working to continue to diversify the breadth of women who wear our clothes. And we never photoshop women's bodies to fit the media's distorted ideal.

Know someone you'd like to see us work with? Email!